Custard for Nursing Puppies

Black and Tan coonhound puppies

There’s nothing like a bunch of squeeling puppies in the house. Puppy breath should be bottled in the air freshener aisle. And then you’ve got proud momma watching over her brood. While she’s got everything under control, there comes a point where she could use a helping hand.
Christmas 2009 at Alcala Pet Care
This recipe for cream of wheat custard was used regularly at Alcala Pet Care for litters of show poodles and bichons. It’s easy to make, highly digestible, full of protein, and quite tasty. We also made many batches for our friends that were fighting AIDS, as it is one of the few dishes that are palatable and healthy while your immune system is down.

While this is for the puppies, you’ll probably want to scoop out some for yourself. Just heat with some milk and sugar for breakfast.

We’d feed this to the nursing mama a couple weeks after the puppies are born and you can feed it to the puppies as they begin weaning.

Puppy Custard:

  • 2 Qts. 1% milk
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 cup Cream of Wheat
  • 1 large or 2 small eggs

In a double boiler add milk, sugar, and cream of wheat. Stir and cook until the sugar and cream of wheat are well dissolved and cooked. It takes about twenty minutes for this to take place.

In a small dish whisk eggs and slowly add small amounts of hot milk mixture to eggs. Add egg mixture slowly to milk in pan whisking during the process. After stirring well cover pan and turn the heat to low and cook for approximately 45 minutes.

Do not remove lid until finished. Remove from heat and cool.

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