CSS Design-a-palooza in London

Molly E. Holzschlag and Andy Clarke will be hosting a CSS design seminar in London this year. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and watch these two in action and can imagine how great this seminar is going to be.

I am a conference junkie. I studied fine art, photography, and radio communication in school. I’ve learned web development via books, web sites, and conferences. I’m sitting at the Business Blog Summit in San Francisco right now. Earlier this year, I flew to London for @media and Vancouver for Museums on the Web conferences. None of these conferences were paid for by my employer. I went for my own sake, not theirs. I am retaining this information, making the contacts, and enjoying the activities. My employers are benefiting from any new technologies or techniques I’ve learned.

If you have the time, try to attend this conference. Your support will encourage the hosts to extend the classes to new speakers in new areas of the world. Hold off on buying the latest IPod, use the money to extend your knowledge. That is what I’m doing. I put my Nikon d70s money into the Business Blog Summit.