CSS, Accessibility, and DOM for fun and profit

There comes a time when we move from doing something because it’s fun and exciting to actually having to make some money with it. We all remember the joy of walking the DOM for the first time, challenging the first-child to a match of borders, or even playing peek-a-boo with our precious little title attribute. But when does that playful joy turn into a realization that money sits behind them there divs?

Looking back fondly

christmas photo of the Drake family, ca. 1975Several of the standardistas out there have been sharing their joyful memories of their ventures into the big ol’ world of moolah with nary but a Dreamweaver on their back. Great advice is out there for the pickins. Sure there’s a mixture of demanding bosses, forever late paycheques, and brain-dead art directors. But ah….the glory of it all.

Yes, my dear… there is a big world of hacks out there for you to climb. Grab a friend and start climbing, for soon enough you will be on top and have the opportunity to reach down and pull someone else out of the valley of the table-goo. Ask questions and begin providing answers. Maybe next year, you will be the star on top of the standardista chrismahanakwanza tree.