Coffee Whitener

I found a great item at the bastion of good taste known as Hometown Buffet the other night. Hometown offers two, count them two options for adding creamer to your coffee. You could use the single serving of half and half or… are you ready… a single serving of “coffee whitener”.

Yes, it’s not nonfat half and half. It’s not non-dairy creamer. It’s not half and half substitute. It’s not even a dairy-like food product. It’s coffee whitener.

What could make this accurately named product even better? It’s delivered fresh from “Wholesome Farms” of Houston Texas. It’s even certified kosher. Next time you need to make your coffee whiter, grab some Wholesome Farms Coffee Whitener.


  1. Hi
    Went to Perko’s and they had Wholesome Farms Coffee Whitener and it tasted good. I usually use Mocha Mix, but this tasted better. Now I would like to know how to purchase, I also know it is referigated and wanted to know how long it keeps.
    I live in Sonara area of California (95372), where can I purchase some??????
    Irene B. Perry

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