V-E Day in Paris

Tomorrow (V-E Day) we celebrate the end of World War 2. The Arc de Triomphe has a huge flag flying. Two victories to celebrate in one week. Not that I’m comparing Yahoo vs. Microsoft to WWII.

Yahoo! not Microhoo

Jerry Yang did it! He’s pushed Microsoft back and Yahoo! is now back to its independent status. Frankly, I thought the Microsoft/Yahoo merger would have been ok. At least Microsoft respects its engineers and has some money to invest in Yahoo products. The worst-case scenario for me was a merger with NewsCorp. But that is… Continue reading Yahoo! not Microhoo

A day off in Paris

Yesterday was the International Workers’ Day (May Day). We not only got that day off, but today as well. Don’t tell anyone, but I still logged in and worked on Yahoo stuff both days. Just don’t let Sarkozy know, I’d hate to have my visa pulled for not taking the required time off. Today I… Continue reading A day off in Paris

MyPlayList a nifty way to mix images and music

MyPlayList is a new web site that lets you search for a band and sit back while it finds music and images off the internet to create a playlist. The images come from Flickr and the music comes from wherever it can find good stuff. The playlist options seem to be limited to bands with… Continue reading MyPlayList a nifty way to mix images and music