Yahoo! not Microhoo

Jerry Yang did it! He’s pushed Microsoft back and Yahoo! is now back to its independent status.

Frankly, I thought the Microsoft/Yahoo merger would have been ok. At least Microsoft respects its engineers and has some money to invest in Yahoo products. The worst-case scenario for me was a merger with NewsCorp.

But that is over (for now). I join my fellow Yahoo’s with a sigh of relief and big hopes for getting some shit done and moving our company up. Thanks Jerry for giving us another chance to make this company great.

A day off in Paris

Pont Neuf

Yesterday was the International Workers’ Day (May Day). We not only got that day off, but today as well. Don’t tell anyone, but I still logged in and worked on Yahoo stuff both days. Just don’t let Sarkozy know, I’d hate to have my visa pulled for not taking the required time off.

Today I used my extra time for shopping. I was hoping to buy an Aeron chair for work, as the provided chair is killing me. I could buy an Aeron off ebay in the US for about $600. It costs about $400 to ship it. But, could I get a similar price in france? $1,000 is roughly equal to about 650 euros right now. The same chair in a Paris store is selling for only 1,700 EUROS! Ouch!

Needless to say, I didn’t buy anything during my shopping expedition. I did look around. More importantly, I walked around, enjoyed the weather and got this great shot of Pont Neuf.

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MyPlayList a nifty way to mix images and music

MyPlayList is a new web site that lets you search for a band and sit back while it finds music and images off the internet to create a playlist. The images come from Flickr and the music comes from wherever it can find good stuff.

The playlist options seem to be limited to bands with a virtual presence on Flickr. I couldn’t make one for Alice Donut or Three Mile Pilot. However the recent revival tour of Slint allowed the following play list to arrive.

Slint Playlist

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