Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

You can’t split up a good pair. Not even in bowling.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
It’s official. My partner in crime will be joining me at Yahoo! next month. Brian Rountree, the guy that shoved an orange book in my face a couple years ago and said…”just read.” And I did read. And I went from zero to fabulous faster than Paris Hilton goes through sidekicks.

We’ve done museums, travel insurance, more museums, and the defense industry.

Now we will be working on creating a super-cool new Yahoo! project that is still super-top secret. Well, maybe not that super-top secret, I wouldn’t have to kill you if I told you. Just wait a few months or so and you’ll know.

Oh and yes mom, I’m the butch one… I’ve always wanted to say that.

Thomas Kinkade, the fourth axis of evil?

Yahoo! just released a new feature that is pretty fun. You can create a “picklist” of items to share with others. Think of it as a shopping list for you and your closest 410 million friends.

Here’s the kicker, Yahoo! is assuming you know something about something. Further, your list may reflect your expert knowledge about something as reflected in your shopping list about something.

The Kinkaidetrocity™

I took this opportunity to create a list that reflected my vast experience with the Kinkaidetrocity™. Buy these lovely items and watch your brain turn into a big bowl of cinnamon-ey goo, like a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch after a night of soaking.

Playing with Fire

an evil example of kinkaidetrocity
Now trust me, I know it is dangerous to toy with the evil known as Thomas Kinkade™. In fact, here’s a little story.

A few years ago, I opened a new checking account and needed to order some checks. I looked for some that truly represented my personality, but the Pink Flamingos checks were out of print. However, I did spy a lovely cottage scene set by Thomas Kinkade™ with free customization. Well, let me tell you, those check printers have no sense of humor. Several weeks later, when my checks arrived, I was giddy with excitement when I opened my cherished package.

Right there at the top, my checks proudly stated “Thomas Kinkade is the spawn of Satan”!

… Um, no it didn’t.

Those rat bastards at the check publishing company censored my customized statement and sent me 500 beautiful, un-customized cottage scene checks! Oh you can imagine the humility as I write checks to my favorite bookies and prostitutes with Thomas Kinkade™ pretty cottage village scenes.

But I’m not bitter!

New Flickr Images

When Flickr first began, I was intrigued by the hype and set up an account. After loading a few images, I frankly lost interest. I didn’t like the idea of putting a lot of time and energy uploading my work to someone else’s server. I wanted to work with a photo gallery that could be used by future clients, i.e. museums, who would never put their work on a communal site.

So, my Flickr account sort of sat there, ignored and dusty. Like the souvenir bottle from a short-lived summer vacation.

Now I’m working for Yahoo!, who purchased Flickr earlier in the year. As an employee, I get the super-dooper pro version of Flickr gratis. I wouldn’t dust off the Phoenix references just yet. I pretty much killed the old account. Nope, I’ve got the brand, spankin’ new Yahoo! employee turbo-charged Flickr fiesta foto gallery (lordy that sounds stupid). I’ve already uploaded about 450 images and look out for more.

I know the thumbnails are positioning themselves randomly. Frankly, I’m enjoying the impromptu layouts. Hit refresh for a new selection and new positioning.