Yahoo! Tech

Tech for Red State Moms. I’m going to get killed at work for actually saying that. It’s been a mantra around the office for too long, but it’s true. We’ve launched Yahoo! Tech and I couldn’t be more proud.

When I was interviewed for a job at Yahoo! six months ago, I was asked about my preference of projects. Would I like to work in Santa Monica for News or for this new project about making tech easy for the average person. “Yes!” Pahleeease… like I would have said no to either of them?

However, I wanted to work on whichever would be the most challenging. Tech certainly filled that requirement.

I pictured Tech as a mix between Cnet and Netflix. A place where you could get the information you needed, but also feel like it was personlized just for you. I think we’ve done just that.

Yahoo! Tech is full of great information, specifications, price comparisons, and everything else you’d ask for in a tech site. But it’s also got personality, something you don’t always hear in conjunction with Yahoo! sites. We get a kick out of reading user’s questions, especially when they get a bit risque. The ability to save products, share them, and compare them with a few clicks makes shopping so much easier. One of the last features we added was content from Dummies and McGraw-Hill. It’s great to be on a page looking at digital cameras and see an article about removing red-eye.

So take some time and enjoy Yahoo! Tech. I know I will. It’s been a long 6 months with many, many 70-80 hour work weeks. Now I’ve got a computer filled with recordings of Top Chef, Flavor of Love, and other horrible television shows to catch up on.

Keep an eye on, my CSS/Web design site for some articles about what’s behind the code in Tech.

The coverage is starting to appear. Here’s what Forbes has to say about Yahoo! Tech.

The countdown begins

6 days… 6 more days before I can take a rest. In less than a week we’ll be unveiling the largest project that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. My neck is numb from the headphone strap, my shoulder, forearm, and hand are sore, my eyes are tired, but my spirits are up. I’ve worked an average of 10hrs/day for the past 8 weeks and only taken 4 days off in that time period.

Tired? yes. Worn out? almost. Unbelievably anxious? most definately. Proud? You bet. I’m going to be one big ass grin 7 days from now.

Me, me, me, me… I, I, I, I… no, I’m not forgetting everyone else, just taking a little self-absorbed moment, thank you. It’s too early for the tearful acceptance speech. Just peel your eyes away from the CSS Reboot list on monday and come back here for the big announcement.

Museum Inside Information

The golden boys and girls of the Museum web site community have put together a new blog to share inside information on what it takes to present a collection online. MuseMatic is a co-ordinated effort between the Museum Computer Network and the American Association of Museum’s Media and Technology Committee. While the design of the blog won’t impress the standardista community, the informaton within should.

Museums and other non-profits have an amazing collection of misfits, psychopaths, and egotistical maniacs. But once you get beyond the marketing departments, you’ll find people who love what they do and have an earnest desire to share their collections, art, history, and culture with anyone and everyone. Museums have been leading the drive towards accessibility, online interactions, user generated content, and doing so with the tiniest of budgets.

So step behind the scenes. Go past the paintings, the skeletons, and the gift shops. Share the lessons learned by some of the largest (Getty) and smallest museums around the world.

Dreamhost is the best

I’ve been struggling with the transfer of my hosting from Jumpline to Dreamhost. There were times when I wondered if it would ever be finished and worth the work. But I must say, Dreamhost has lived up to their name.

Customer support, Customer support, Customer support, Customer support, Customer support, Customer support, Customer support!

I have no problem paying extra for good customer support. I always buy and recommend brands that have consistently given good support. Linksys, Netgear, Sony, and now Dreamhost. No generic form letters from these guys, they actually answered my desperate pleading with personal messages and manual corrections.

The site is still in generic land, as the custom template work that i’ve done hasn’t survived the move very well. However, it’s time for a fresh look, so I’m just going to start from scratch.

So farewell Jumpline, Dreamhost is the belle of my ball.