Yahoo! Accessibility

Next week is going to be a big week for me and accessibility on Yahoo! There’s a lot going on, I don’t know how it will all go down.

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1. I am going to Bangalore, India to discuss accessibility at the annual Front End Engineers conference. I’ve wanted to visit India for a long time and I’m looking forward to the chance. I’m also going to Paris and Munich for other Yahoo! business.

2. The Yahoo! Accessibility Stakeholders Group, of which I am a member, is hosting a global campaign to fix alt attributes across the network. Alt attributes are the snippets of text that appear when an image is not displayed. They are critical for those using a screen reader. Using alt attributes correctly seems to be the most basic element of making a site accessible, unfortunately they are also easily forgotten.

3. Yahoo! Avatars has added the Accessibility Stakeholders Group icon to the clothing options for your avatar ( This nifty logo replaces the normal Y in the logo with a braille version.

I’ll post more as the trip and campaign progress.

Micropatronage for accessibility

Patronage: It ain�t just for the Medicis anymore

Joe Clark has an ambitious project on the docket. The Open & Closed Project hopes to create a new standard for video captioning. It also includes plans to develop better training and certification for those creating captioning. Joe even has plans for developing and implementing new fonts that would make it easier to view the online and over-the-air captions.

However, Joe needs some help.

This project won’t run itself and needs funding. He’s asking us to help him raise the funding. Joe needs $7,777 to support 4 months of intensive fund-raising and project co-ordination. Can you help him raise this sum? If you have a friend, family member, or acquaintance that is deaf, this project will significantly help their lives.

If you go to the gym and watch the telly while sweating on a treadmill, desperately trying to figure out what the talking head is saying…. this project may or may not significantly help your life. Sometimes, you just don’t want to know what the idiot on Fox News is saying when some jerk on another treadmill is controlling the remote control… but I digress.

Visit Joe’s site and donate a few bucks. That’s all it takes. You don’t have to be a superstar to make captioning real.

I’m an antidote to bad gay sites

I can’t wait to call my mom and let her know. She’ll be soooo proud of her little baby.

Seriously, Joe Clark referred to Yahoo! Tech as an antidote to some of the horrible re-designs of gay-game sites. It’s a bit disjointed but appreciated.

We tried to make Yahoo! Tech as accessible as possible. User-testing with Victor Tsaran, Yahoo’s accessibility guru led us to make many small and large changes to the code. I’ve written one article about how we made our home page flash movie accessible and have two more on the way about our comparison tables and how we are displaying our ratings and reviews.

Visit for my notes and articles about web design. It’s got the geeky side of me and stay on this site for the well… less geeky side. Thanks Joe for the nod and the push. Now I’ll need to get busy on publishing those other articles.

Off to Europe

I’m hitching a ride with the big birdie to San Diego tomorrow and grabbing Jim for the big hop, skip, and a jump to Europe on friday. It’s going to be a fun time for all. I’ll be attending the @media conference in London and spending many days eating cheese and chocolate in Paris.
tombs in cemetiere Montmartre in Paris I’ve finished printing a small portfolio of my photographs from the cemetery in Paris’s Montmartre district. Hopefully, I can find a place or two in Paris that would be interested in exhibiting a series.