Creating a Common JavaScript File

Dustin Diaz released his personal recipe for a common JavaScript file. You know the file that includes the basic functions that any web site can use. We’ve all grabbed some of these scripts from here and there and its nice to see it one-stop shopping packaging.

Yahoo! maps

When I began working for Yahoo! last month, I became privy to some exciting projects in the works. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell anyone. I’d just say to my family and friends, this place has some amazing things in the works. Well, today I can announce my favorite new Yahoo! tool. Yahoo! has taken the online… Continue reading Yahoo! maps

Standards-based web development resources made even easier

Chris Pederick of the all mighty Web Developer Toolbar mentioned a great service today on his blog. Rollyo allows you to create your own personal search page that is super easy to build. I’ve jumped at the chance to build a firefox toolbar to search the best standards-based resources available (and my site to boot.)… Continue reading Standards-based web development resources made even easier