Intent and design

Journalist John Hockenberry starts by discussing how he discovered the importance of intent after installing sparkly wheels on his wheelchair. It transformed his wheelie persona from victim to commander, at least in his own mind. He continues to discuss how a user or designer’s intent makes the difference between good and bad design.

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Journalist John Hockenberry tells a personal story inspired by a pair of flashy wheels in a wheelchair-parts catalogue — and how they showed him the value of designing a life of intent. (From The Design Studio session at TED2012, guest-curated by Chee Pearlman and David Rockwell.)

Journalist and commentator John Hockenberry has reported from all over the world in virtually every medium. He’s the author of “Moving Violations: War Zones, Wheelchairs and Declarations of Independence.”
John Hockenberry: We are all designers – TED

Preparing for the FCC

I’m heading to the FCC next week for a developer event.

On Monday, November 8, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission will sponsor an Open Developer Day event at FCC Headquarters in Washington, DC, to promote collaboration between Web developers in the public and private sectors, in furtherance of FCC goals to further innovation in accessible technologies and foster citizen participation in open government.

This will be a public, single-day event that prioritizes accessibility goals, though other Web solutions are also of interest. The event will feature guest engineers from the Yahoo! Developer Network and Yahoo!’s Accessibility team, and will have a component addressing the requirements and opportunities in the new Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.

FCC Hosts Open Developer Day: Accessibility Innovation – Yahoo! Accessibility Lab

I’ve been playing with government data to make it ready for quick mashups. I threw a challenge to some other developers for creating a quick map mashup with a series of map points generated by a spreadsheet on Data.Gov. This is what Anthony Ettinger put together with Yahoo! Pipes:

It’s great to see how you can grab a spreadsheet from the government’s repository, convert it to CSV format, upload it to your server, and quickly parse that data for mashups. It would be easier if had the file in csv format instead of xls or zip. I could have saved the first few steps.

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Au Revoir Paris – Hello India

Charles De Gaulle airport ceiling
I’m in the airport, waiting for the flight to Bangalore. Luckily, I get to use the new terminal at Charles De Gaulle. It’s bright, airy, and has a great wi-fi.

Yesterday, I woke up and could see the sun shining. I walked out to get a croissant and it was downright pleasant. Well, I didn’t need anything more to choose shorts and sandals for the day’s outfit. Needless to say, the bizarre mixture of weather made this an unfortunate decision. The temperature fluctuated by about 20 degrees from warm to chilly. It rained, it hailed, it left me looking like a circus clown in my sunny California attire. But what the heck, not everyone can be glamorous.

Ted at Felix Cafe
I’ve walked so many miles in the past few days that I’m afraid the ASPCA is going to arrest me for abusing my size 14 dogs. They’re barking up a storm and could use a day of rest. I’ve also been swallowing horse pills to avoid malaria and Ghandi’s revenge in India. Ah, the life of a jet setter.

Garcon! Garcon! bring me another cafe! Pronto!

I’ll be in Bangalore for a few days to discuss Yahoo! technology and web site accessibility to engineers. I’m looking forward to hearing some of the other talks, meeting various people, and seeing the city and country. I’ve got a shopping list started: elephant for Jim, outfit for Hannah…