Connecting the online photographs to create a virtual world

Notre Dame early morning The recent TED conference featured this demo of a Microsoft sponsored project. It gathered photographs of Notre Dame on Flickr, analyzed the images to determine their spatial relationship to the building, and built a seamless, panoramic, three-dimensional representation.

Think about this concept. You are on vacation and take a picture of a landmark. After you upload it to Flickr, the image is matched with other images and the metadata is shared. Eventually, we will have virtual representations of the entire globe, not from an anonymous airplane or satellite but from the viewpoint of people.

Here’s a video that describes the project better.

Learn French by Podcast

The Louvre with sculpture by Maillol

I need to improve my French speaking skills for the upcoming move to Paris. Learn French by Podcast has been a good resource for easy to understand lessons. I’ve been able to pick up some really good conversational points. You can subscribe to it via iTunes or directly from the web site.

I’ve tried a few others, but this seems to be the most accessible.

Here’s a French conjugation tool: Le Conjugueur.