Your first trip to Bangalore

My travel buddy Durward is joining me on my next trip to India. While I’ve had the opportunity to visit Bangalore many times, this is his first trip to India. I’ve been collecting some tips and thought I’d share them. Please note, this is not a travel list for all of India, rather more specifically […]

Memoirs of a Visitor to India, pt. 3

The Temples I built several mini-sites devoted to the San Diego Museum of Art’s large collection of South Asian art: The Binney Collection I got to know Rama, Hanuman, Vishnu, Sita, Nandi, and was looking forward to seeing how these deities were worshipped in the temples. My hotel taxi driver, Paul, took me to the […]

Memoirs of a visitor to India, part 2

Yahoo! Bangalore I was in Bangalore for business. I gave two lectures at the Bangalore Front End Engineering Summit and met with various properties about Yahoo! platforms and coding. The lectures were at the new office, situated in a cluster of high tech companies. The Bangalore Yahoo’s are a fun group. We all seem to […]