Rep. Thelma Drake loses reelection

Thelma Drake, a republican congresswoman, lost her bid for reelection this week. I’m happy about this, but not for the reason you may imagine. Rep. Thelma Drake late Thursday night conceded the election for the 2nd Congressional District to political newcomer Glenn Nye after a bitterly fought race. With a small number of absentee ballots […]

Now it’s time for something truly Sordid

Logo, the gay cable channel, is reviving the great film Sordid Lives as a soap opera. This is going to be, to borrow from ultra gay Brian Rountree, Fab-u-losity! Ok, Brian wouldn’t actually say that, but I thought it would be fun to call him ultra gay. Back to Sordid Lives. This film didn’t get […]

Another day, another flight to Paris

I’m writing this while flying from San Francisco to Paris on Air France. I’ve flown this route several times in the past year, but never with such “flavor”. This trip is only half way over, yet the memorable events just keep piling up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like this flight has been bad. […]