Freudian Slippers are always in good taste

I’m thinking about buying a dozen of these for Christmas gifts. Who doesn’t need a Freud in the morning. Unfortunately, it reminds me a little of what Joan Rivers said in her Bravo comedy special about her grey bunny slippers: Joan Rivers: Before Melissa Pulls the Plug

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Skip the bird, give them a page out of this book

Passive aggression can be down right fun. Especially when it happens to someone else. It’s even more fun when you can be downright nasty and funny at the same time.

My pal Heidi, the one I had Ottis Toole the serial killer draw a portrait of, has just released her new book The Ninnies: Coloring Book for Haters.

It includes lovely images for you to tear out, color, and then address and sign on the back. It’s perfect for those assholes you meet every day. It’s even better for your friends that piss you off. Because there’s nothing that makes the anger go down smoother than having it presented with scribbles that go beyond the outlines.

Presidential Fisting

They say this messed up economy is going to require a lot of elbow grease to solve. I don’t know if that is what they meant. Thank you Fox News for such enlightening experts.

Fox News needs to just come out of the closet. They are raiding the gay closet for sex terms. Here’s a guy recommending we Teabag the Whitehouse. I’m waiting for someone to talk about cleaning up the santorum in politics.