Connecting the online photographs to create a virtual world

The recent TED conference featured this demo of a Microsoft sponsored project. It gathered photographs of Notre Dame on Flickr, analyzed the images to determine their spatial relationship to the building, and built a seamless, panoramic, three-dimensional representation. Think about this concept. You are on vacation and take a picture of a landmark. After you […]

Orca Live – the lost tapes

The hills were alive with the sound of music in San Diego during the early 90’s. It was a heady time of fraternity and musical exploration. Bands such as Drive Like Jehu, Three Mile Pilot, Uncle Joes’s Big Ol’ Driver, Fluf, Heavy Vegetable, rust, Trumans Water, Boilermaker, Lucy’s Fur Coat, White Glove Test, Chichilla, Deadbolt, […]

Humane Exposures – Photography of the homeless and imprisoned

Humane Exposures, a San Diego based organization, has an interesting new photography book coming out soon. Maggots in My Sweet Potatoes: Women Doing Time documents the lives of women behind prison. Photojournalist Susan Madden Lankford thought-provokingly explores the kaleidoscope of alienation, personal despair, desperation, and fragile hopes of women caught up in the state’s zeal […]