A day off in Paris

Pont Neuf

Yesterday was the International Workers’ Day (May Day). We not only got that day off, but today as well. Don’t tell anyone, but I still logged in and worked on Yahoo stuff both days. Just don’t let Sarkozy know, I’d hate to have my visa pulled for not taking the required time off.

Today I used my extra time for shopping. I was hoping to buy an Aeron chair for work, as the provided chair is killing me. I could buy an Aeron off ebay in the US for about $600. It costs about $400 to ship it. But, could I get a similar price in france? $1,000 is roughly equal to about 650 euros right now. The same chair in a Paris store is selling for only 1,700 EUROS! Ouch!

Needless to say, I didn’t buy anything during my shopping expedition. I did look around. More importantly, I walked around, enjoyed the weather and got this great shot of Pont Neuf.

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I’ve started yet another web site. Somebody stop the madness!

I’ve uploaded 5,000 photographs to my Flickr account. Almost half of those photos were shot in Paris, France. Hidden amongst the snap shots and bad food photos are some really good photographs.

MyParisPhotos.com is my new web site. It’s a photo blog that lets me highlight individual images. I’m still working on some formatting stuff, but it’s ready to be seen.

Flickr and Library of Congress join forces to create an amazing repository of images

Generator hall of the powerhouse, Chickamauga Dam, Tenn. The dam, located near Chattanooga, 471 miles above the mouth of the Tennessee River, has an authorized power installation of 81,000 kw., which can be increased to a possible ultimate of 108,000 kw.

Flickr is working with the Library of Congress to integrate historic photos into Flickr Commons. This is a great way to add folksonomy, i.e. tagging, to a library of images. Flickr users are able to add new tags to the images.

Not only that, the images are amazing! I love this shot of generators in a Tennessee powerhouse