100 Podcasts: an entry to other communities

I’m working on notes for a panel discussion on empathetic leadership and one question was about tips for increasing empathy and embracing diversity. One key tip I have is to listen to a wide variety of podcasts. I listen to podcasts while driving, walking, and whenever I am not working. I listen to music when… Continue reading 100 Podcasts: an entry to other communities

So Tasty!

Ah foodies and their search for the next big taste. The pursuit leads one to new locations, tastes, and aftertastes. The following stories are so tasty! In 1979, Les Blank took a detour to film German filmmaker Werner Herzog honoring a vow he made to Errol Morris that he (Herzog) would eat his shoe if… Continue reading So Tasty!

Ain’t I a Beauty

Fluf, a band from San Diego in the mid 1990’s, was notorious for never appearing in their press photos. The release of a new album or photo opportunity was always a joy for their fans. Facebook, a web site from Mountain view that started in the mid 2000’s, required users to upload a photograph of… Continue reading Ain’t I a Beauty