Music Videos – Beyond MTV

Veer’s recent post about the latest Sigur Ros video inspired me to think of some of my favorite music videos that or less than MTV friendly. These videos tell stories or capture the spirit of the band rather than sell a lifestyle or document the lyrics.

Sigur Ros is particularly stretching the video genres with their epics to the contemporary world environment and faith. “Untitled“, directed by the amazing photographer Floria Sigismondi reminds me of the Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box.” However, Sigismondi removes the kitsch and concentrates on the mood, colors, and story as we follow a post-apocalyptic world and the possibility of salvation. Glosoli follows a child leader, who looks like Charlie from Willie Wonka Factory, who leads a group of children across the open landscape to their eventually lemming-like dive off a cliff. However, faith carries them into the wind, or does it?

Black Heart Procession went the Tommy route with their musical/video/album Amore Del Tropico

On the lighter side:

  • I saw this video for Lucky #9 after watching the Moldy Peaches perform at the Casbah. I can’t imagine a more appropriate representation of them and their music.
  • Goblin Cock is the latest project from Rob Crowe (Heavy Vegetable, Thingy, Johnny Superbad and the Bulletcatchers, Physics, Lactose Adept, Pinback…). How does a band spoof death metal, Dungeons and Dragons, the Mentors and not look like amateurs? Make “Stumped” and relish the amateur look.
  • Rocket from the Crypt - photo by Ted DrakeWhen Rocket from the Crypt had their first video on MTV(Sturdy Wrists), it was more than a band making it big. It was a celebration for all San Diego bands and those associated with them. So, what did they do for the video? They invited everyone to a San Diego Luau! The MTV site sucks, you’ll need Internet Explorer to see the Rocket Video! After jumping through their hoops, watch Ditch Digger as well

Et tu, Brute?

What are your favorite music videos that are not MTV rotation items?

Subway movies

New York artists bring a new experience to the subways

I live in a subway-less city, San Diego. We have an above ground trolley that is nice and easy to ride and sometimes even has great landscapes to watch. But it isn’t the same experience as staring out a window at the dark, pock-marked walls of a subway system.

I travel regularly to Paris and find myself staring out the metro windows, watching the blur of wires, pillars, cracks of light, and yes, the reflections of other riders. I’ve often thought it would be great to somehow create a moving visual experience for the riders. I tried to figure out how images could be placed on the walls to mimic the crude movies of early cinema.

Artists in New York have added a new twist to subway graffiti. Parasite (.mov movie) is a portable computer/projector that attaches to the outside of a train. It projects movies onto the walls as the train travels through the tunnel. This is exactly what I was visualizing and bravo to the artists for bringing it to life.

Monsoon Wedding – Movie Review

Monsoon WeddingI was hoping for more musical numbers in Monsoon Wedding.

I had prepared myself with a large curry dinner and fashioned a sari out of a few hand towels to dance along with the movie. But it didn’t have any of the super-fantastic dance scenes that I expect from an Indian film. It was a slow, but pleasant story.

I liked the cricket movie better. After waiting about a year, I’m finally getting Pardes in my mailbox this week, now there is a movie with some tunes. I Love My India….