100 Podcasts: an entry to other communities

I’m working on notes for a panel discussion on empathetic leadership and one question was about tips for increasing empathy and embracing diversity. One key tip I have is to listen to a wide variety of podcasts. I listen to podcasts while driving, walking, and whenever I am not working. I listen to music when… Continue reading 100 Podcasts: an entry to other communities

Blast from the Past

Nostalgia sucks. It sucks you into a steaming pot of “oh my god I remember that site…”. Here are some of the web pages that opened my eyes to the potential of this internet thingy. I am better than your kids Possibly the first and best troll on the internet. No kid’s artwork is safe… Continue reading Blast from the Past

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Hack Event Survival Guide

I get to attend a lot of hack events as a Yahoo!  Developer Network Evangelist. These marathon coding sessions are a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and build something cool. I’ve seen some common problems and solutions appear at these events and this post will help those going to their first… Continue reading Hack Event Survival Guide

Why I stick with Dreamhost

Shit happens, servers die, web sites go down. Life goes on. I wasn’t too upset yesterday when all of my blogs stopped working due to database issues. I checked the Dreamhost support site and they had notices of major disruption, probably caused by a DDOS attack. Today I sent a message to find out how… Continue reading Why I stick with Dreamhost