Now it’s time for something truly Sordid

Logo, the gay cable channel, is reviving the great film Sordid Lives as a soap opera. This is going to be, to borrow from ultra gay Brian Rountree, Fab-u-losity! Ok, Brian wouldn’t actually say that, but I thought it would be fun to call him ultra gay.

Back to Sordid Lives. This film didn’t get much attention when it was released years ago. However, it was a smash hit in Palm Springs, where it played non-stop for about 95 years. It was practically a law in the dessert city that you had to memorize at least 5 lines of the film. One didn’t want to flub something of such importance.

This new soap opera looks really good. It’s got almost all of the original characters and even brings Blanche Devereaux back to the warm embrace of the aging gay populace. Rue McClanahan now plays the dead mother harlot that is thankfully alive and raising heck.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about… watch the following preview.

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I’m so over “fail”

stupid fail cat photoI could go on with the rest of my life without hearing a sarcastic mention of “fail” this, that or full of “fail”. Ok, it was funny for about 5 minutes.

But you are sending me back to bad high school memories when the girls would constantly say “Trick!”, as in “Ted’s cute… Trick!”

Back then I pulled out my hair when I heard that stupid ass term. Now I have less hair to pull. I still feel a wretching feeling when I hear otherwise semi-rational people use the term “that’s full of fail” with an ounce of self-assured humor.

“Fail” is now banned from conversation. Let’s shitcan the tired Lolz cats and “pwnd” while we’re at it.