Ycantpark du jour

When Yahoos are not discussing new API’s, the latest Valleywag rumor, or the pros and cons of cafeteria food, the discussions go back to people than can’t park between the nice white lines of a parking lot. Today’s little victory is the Honda that happened to squeeze between the wall and this obnoxiously parked truck. […]

Sarah Palin’s email exposed

Word leaked out that Sarah Palin was using a private account for sensitive government correspondence. She hoped to avoid an archived paper trail by using Yahoo instead of the official Alaska Government address. It was only a matter of time before a court figured a way to subpoena her for the email account to be […]

Live video of being hit by lightning

Slowloris, a flickr user, was leaning out of her window recording the strong rain when she was hit by lightning. Luckily the metal railing she was holding grounded the strike and she was unhurt. Related articles by Zemanta “lightning through my camera” Lightning strike sets northwest house on fire The Fix: Shielding Devices From Big […]