As I left for work this morning, I noticed an advertisement for Yoga on the front matt of the apartment. This led to some chuckling as I recalled my previous attempt at Yoga.

Lord God Martha had an article on Yoga in her Living magazine. Jim and I thought, hey let’s give it a try. We jumped on the only soft surface in the house, the bed. Position one produced some chuckles. Position two generated an enormous fart that scared the dog and caused Jim to push me off the bed. I hit the floor like a sack of giggling pre-teens. Jim ran to the bathroom to avoid peeing in his pants as I sat on the ground, paralyzed from post-yoga convulsions.

I think I’ll pass on joining a room full of strangers farting and giggling.

P.S. I’m listening to the iPod and the song that began playing while writing this is Gregory Page’s “A Song for Martha”

New Flickr Images

When Flickr first began, I was intrigued by the hype and set up an account. After loading a few images, I frankly lost interest. I didn’t like the idea of putting a lot of time and energy uploading my work to someone else’s server. I wanted to work with a photo gallery that could be used by future clients, i.e. museums, who would never put their work on a communal site.

So, my Flickr account sort of sat there, ignored and dusty. Like the souvenir bottle from a short-lived summer vacation.

Now I’m working for Yahoo!, who purchased Flickr earlier in the year. As an employee, I get the super-dooper pro version of Flickr gratis. I wouldn’t dust off the Phoenix references just yet. I pretty much killed the old account. Nope, I’ve got the brand, spankin’ new Yahoo! employee turbo-charged Flickr fiesta foto gallery (lordy that sounds stupid). I’ve already uploaded about 450 images and look out for more.

I know the thumbnails are positioning themselves randomly. Frankly, I’m enjoying the impromptu layouts. Hit refresh for a new selection and new positioning.

Firefox search plugin for

Everyone has their bible. For some, it is the Holy Bible, for others, something not quite so reverent. As a child, our family life would come to a screeching halt when our bible arrived in the mail. Being the youngest, I usually got the National Enquirer after it had been scanned, read, and laughed about by the rest of the klan.

I’m all grown up now and my bible and gods are no longer the gossip rag and celebrity stalkers. Instead, I look up to my Rock Gods, such as NoMeansNo, Drive Like Jehu, and Ethel Merman. The omniscient National Enquirer has been replaced with web sites such as

The AListApart path to enlightenment

Hardly a week goes by without doing a search on alistapart for the path to this or that standards-based method. A couple months ago, I created a search box plug-in for Firefox to make it much easier.

With the blessing of Jeffrey Zeldman, I present to you the search plugin for firefox.

Sorry to any IE users out there. I must have uploaded a bad copy of my permalink page last week and the formatting is botched. I’ll fix this tonight. Being that this is about Firefox, hopefully only a few people noticed it.

Satoru Yoshioka photography exhibition

Satoru Yoshioka opens an exhibition in San Diego

We often look back at our school years as the golden times. Ah…nostalgia. 12 hours of darkroom labs, hands that smell of peanut butter/developer, living on Ding Dongs and Diet Coke. Those were the good ol’ days.

photograph by Satoru Yoshioka of a bridgeI was particularly lucky to study photography with an amazing group of students. Satoru Yoshioka, Mark Waters, Dan Sturt, Jonny Donhowe, Susan Coppock, Meredith Hodge, … However, Satoru had a major impact on the way I saw photography. His images are full of mystery. He doesn’t try to capture the scene, rather he seems to capture a moment in time. The viewer is left to wonder what is going on, what is next, what just happened?

When I shoot for myself, I find Satoru’s images guiding my eye. I still use the instant Polaroid film that he used in school. I still use some of the unorthodox methods he discovered in the darkroom and studio. I still hope to capture the images that are in my mind, the way that he does.

Satoru is having an exhibition in San Diego this week. The opening reception is Friday, September 9 at Simay Space.