Black Tar Television

I’ve fallen off the wagon.

I feel like Robert Downey Jr. after a long week on the L.A. Streets. I’m looking up from the bottom of a Diffrent Strokes celebrity pit.

I’ve begun watching television again. Not National Geographic’s history of the Carthusian Monks or even Sister Wendy’s top 10 performance artists. No, I’ve hit rock bottom.

Let’s back up a bit. I’ve spent the last month boob-tube-less. I’ve read a book on XSL, started another on Web Usability, set up a new computer, home network, uploading 700+ images to Flickr, caught up with backlogged magazines, gone to a Bollywood theater, watched the Battlebots in San Francisco, you name it. It’s been a super-productive, culturally significant, responsible month.

Now… I’m in San Diego for Thanksgiving watching I want to be made, marathon home improvement shows, home shopping network, and desperately channel surfing for the latest episode of America’s Top Model.

They say you have to hit rock bottom before hitting the road to recovery.

That humiliating point came at 11:30 last night as I was riveted by the latest episode of But Can They Sing?! I was on the edge of my seat hoping and praying that the Chinese actress would make it to the next level so that I could see her sing "I want to be sedated" with a 15foot tall red mohawk. Please, oh please tell me the Gotti idiot gets canned. Oh Morgan,how could you come out there in gold lame? I think I know Ant.

I summoned up the courage to finally turn off the tv with the echoes of "I want to be Serated" in my head.

I’m now in the stage of rationalization. I’m can watch "Rock Star Daughters – True Hollywood Stories" because I’m writing this blog and backing up another computer. I’m working! It’s not like I’m just watching television eating cold pizza and ignoring the cat. That was about 15 minutes ago.

Cold Turkey

I see the road to recovery. Actually, it’s not a road. It’s a Southwest Airlines flight on Monday morning back to Sunnyvale, to a television-free apartment, a book, a computer, and a stack of foreign-films from Netflix. Life will be intellectually stimulating and golden. Until my next trip down to San Diego. I hope the Chinese actress is still part of the "But Can They Sing?!" team.

Until then, I’ve got a date with E! and their marathon of True Hollywood Stories about celebrities that have hit rock bottom. I’m so there.