Back in sunny London

I took a cab to the train station this morning. i didn’t feel like messing with two metros and what not. the train trip was nice and empty, so I had a good seat. Does the story ever end at that?
Flying by the countryside

Fighting for a seat on an empty train

There was this clueless woman on the train. Someone dared sit in her seat, so she stopped in the aisle for 5 minutes debating with her daughter if they should ask the person to move. Finally they got up the nerve. Keep in mind that 75% of the seats were empty. Finally, they got their fat asses into a seat and I decided to walk through the car and back out to the platform. I hate sitting in a seat while people squeeze by.

Finally, the train is ready to leave and I grabbed the premium spot with a table and electrical outlet! The seats on the train either point towards the rear or front. In the middle are the premium seats that face directly at each other. They have a little table in between.

It’s great when you have an empty train, but awkward when staring in someone’s face for two hours as they pick their nose and read gossip rags.

Well, the bitch actually decided she didn’t like her assigned seat and tried to sit in front of me. 80 empty seats and she wants to take away my leg room. 30 seconds later, I farted and she decided she didn’t want to sit there. “I want to face the front of the train,” she whined as she grabbed her daughter and left.

After that, the ride was smooth. The guy on the other side of the aisle curled into the fetal position and snored. I was able to write two blog posts, get my ass creamed by the computer in chess, and fumble through some hands of solitaire.

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