Semantic Coding To table or not to table, that is the question… The Internet is really a big library of information, with the smattering of cake recipes, photos of celebrities, and bad cartoons thrown in for flavor. Unfortunately, most of the information out there is junk. The data has no reference or connection to other […]

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer began creating two versions of the Internet, each filled with super features that only worked with their browser and not the other. Netscape would jab, and Microsoft would counterpunch. It was an exciting free-for-all and the ones hitting the mat at a dizzying speed were the web page designers trying to make their sites look decent in both browsers.


I’ve got this problem. My creative juices have dried up worse than the mohave. Sure, I can move things around, write some text, etc. But I’ve had a hard time getting into building a new site. I’ve got some that need to be done, so this is a problem. So, I’ve been busy researching some […]


A web designer blog without a design?! Is it a mistake? The process is what this design is about. I’m starting with a blank page and will begin adding features, design ideas, and theories. Post-next… Today’s ideas are built on yesterday’s movements. Post-rock, post-modern, post-expressionist, post-next… This site will build upon yesterday. Designs will evolve. […]