Another one bites the dust

At this rate, half of the Republicans in Washington wil be behind bars by the next election. Claude Allen, one of Bush’s “Golden Boys” was just arrested for felony theft after repeatedly stealing from Target and other stores in a truly juvenile manner.

A true pillar of judicial theology, he was one of the wacked out judges that Bush wanted on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Bush was notified of the case on Friday, months after the initial arrest. Now that’s the hands-on president this country needs.

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White House domestic policy advisor Claude Allen — who now stands accused of felony charges that he repeatedly stole merchandise from Target and Hecht’s — was a guest in the first lady’s box at the State of the Union Speech on Jan. 31. As the New York Times reports, that was nearly a month after Allen told Andy Card and Harriet Miers that he had been issued a misdemeanor citation for theft.