Al Jazeera reports on hate-filled Palin rallies

Most Americans think Al Jazeera is a pro-Muslim, pro-Arab, terrorist television network. The only time it’s mentioned in the United States is when a new video is released with terrorists doing something to troops or hostages. In reality, the network is more like the BBC, although it does have a bias against the war on Iraq. I’d say it is a cross between the BBC and Fox, with the reporting skills of the BBC and the bias of Fox.

That’s not a ringing endorsement. It is however a reason why I often find myself watching the English version while in Paris. They cover the same stories as CNN and BBC, but often have more exclusive material of stories outside the US and Europe.

All of this is to introduce this film clip by an Al Jazeera reporter of a Sarah Palin rally in Ohio. She’s given the racist Repbulicans (not that all Republicans are racist) new opportunities to spew their hatred. The Original McCain © of 8 years ago wouldn’t have tolerated this patronizing of the hate-filled masses. This new version seems to have turned a blind eye for too long and it’s too late for him to stop. He even said he was proud of the people that attend these rallies.

Way to go.

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  1. Good post Ted. What’s most frightening about this video is the automatic link that some people are making between Islam and terrorism. This is hatred driven by fear and prejudice, and it’s one of the reasons I hope Obama wins the election.

  2. As far as I know Obama has not been fully questioned or given a believable answer on his 2006 trip to Kenya to support his cousin Odinga in his election campaign – and his cousin is definately a radical Muslim.

  3. @Cassandrina:
    That’s because you are spreading a debunked internet lie. You need to look beyond those emails that are filled with dubious claims. Here’s the real story

    The truth is Raila Odinga claimed to be related to Barack during a politically dangerous moment for himself, and no Kenya experts believe his claim. Having made that unsupported boast, even Odinga himself says he never received money from Obama, as the original smear email and Corsi’s pathetic rehash would have us believe.

    By the way, my sister is a Mormon, that doesn’t make me one as well. By the same thinking, someone could have a Muslim relative and not be the same.

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