A lovely discussion of farting, Dooce, and Dutch Ovens

My friend Durward and I got into a mild discussion of today’s Dooce post. There’s no way that I can follow up this summary by the Durdster:

Ted, I can say this with all honesty: you are the only person I know who takes great pride in his farting. I don’t think it’s an art, but I think you have elevated farting to a craft, and a mighty subtle one at that. You are a Fart Maestro Extraordinaire or Primo Farter Absoluto. I know no one that can singe nose hair like you. If only you could use your talents for the forces of good…

And you know, if you gave Jim a Dutch oven and he passed away from your passing gas you could be tried and probably found guilty for voluntary manslaughter.


  1. Hi Edward
    It’s odd to go from farting to Yahoo! email. That is the beta version that they are slowly rolling out. It is worth the wait. Try to see if you can get in early.
    I have no strings to pull.

  2. Haha, yeah, but I’m really excited about this Yahoo stuff. I’ve been looking for an alternative to Gmail for some time, but as we all know, nothing has shown itself to be worth the switch. I signed up for BETA testing and apparently I’m on the list so it won’t be long!

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