Sarah Palin’s email exposed

Word leaked out that Sarah Palin was using a private account for sensitive government correspondence. She hoped to avoid an archived paper trail by using Yahoo instead of the official Alaska Government address. It was only a matter of time before a court figured a way to subpoena her for the email account to be […]

Photographs of CERN by Satoru Yoshioka

The world is looking at CERN this week as we prepare for one hell of an experiment or the creation of a black hole that eats the world. CERN has been building the largest particle accelerator and is hoping to solve numerous physics questions over the next few years. My friend, photographer Satoru Yoshioka, was […]

Because John Bush is very much his own man…

The comedy hits just keep on coming… Tom Ridge tries to spin “John McCain isn’t George Bush“, but just can’t get the lines correct. Related articles by Zemanta GOP staged fake military funeral for their convention Democracy Corps: Obama Expands Lead in Battleground In defense of community organizers, redux Obama campaign on Palin speech: More […]