Diving in

I came across some really cool shadow puppets from the Chat Noir in the Musee D’Orsay in Paris. This inspired me to throw together a new look for the blog. Here’s the original shadow puppet image.

London really is the capital of bad food

I’m on the Eurostar returning to Paris from a busy trip to London. I cannot remember another week in my life when I consistently ate horrid food. I’m talking really, really bad. I mentioned this to my buddy Glen who remarked: London restaurants make good food as good as any city in the world. But […]

Yahoo! rocks my iPhone world

There’s lots of talk about iPhones and their extensibility with web apps and soon to be built in applications. Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook have created a number of official components, but what about the non-official additions? Yahoo! has a history of in-house hacking and iPhone friendly applications are passed around like trading cards inside the […]