This site is going to look a bit different for the next few days. I’m trying out the new CMS plug in for wordpress by Semiologic. I wasn’t completely happy with the last attempt. The page fell apart at 800X600 resolution. Let’s see how this platform works and then I’ll add some ted-style. I’ve activated… Continue reading post-cms

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John Maeda of MIT has a blog: Maeda’s SIMPLICITY that I look at daily. The latest post discusses his recent experience of attending a scientific conference where the host hotel lacked internet connections. A rather trivial matter on the surface, but one that can cause a disruption in the normal flow of information seeking and… Continue reading post-focus

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I am a frustrated web site designer. In 1996, Creating Killer Web Sites introduced the world to web sites built with artistic merit. While the coding is outdated, this book continues to have a strong impact on my Internet designs. I don’t want to create pages that are strictly functional. I want to create designs… Continue reading post-art