100 places

Chand Baori step well
Chand Baori step well outside Jaipur

I started writing this post in 2015 and slowly added and removed places. Many of these are cryptic descriptions and they include a story or two, maybe more. I was going to describe them, but everyone should have their own impression of a location. With that, I present 100 places I that are part of me.

  1. The abandoned tree trunks behind the house. They became the location for rock fights, fantasy castles, and secret meetings as a child.
  2. The train as it passes the Eiffel Tower on its way to the radio station stop.
  3. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  4. The dark room at Palomar College
  5. The Vulcan
  6. David’s Place coffee shop and AIDS Art Alive studios
  7. Badeanstalt in Munich, a bar made out of an old swimming pool
  8. The Cistern in Istanbul
  9. Generic sauna in Istanbul
  10. The carpet store in Marrakech
  11. The old Casbah
  12. The Che Cafe
  13. the Louvres
  14. Rebecca’s Coffee Shop
  15. Brad Pitt houses in New Orleans
  16. The Mardi Gras Indian museum
  17. Bistro Jeanty in Yountville
  18. The Grapevine
  19. Jackie Robinson YMCA – early punk shows
  20. The Boys Club in Clairemont
  21. Dudley’s Bakery
  22. Starbucks at the Riverfront in Rancho Mirage
  23. Chez Prosper in Paris
  24. The Blue Lagoon
  25. Salton Sea abandoned navy base
  26. The Thing
  27. The Walter Gropius House
  28. Cemetery Montmartre 
  29. Waffle shop in Brussels
  30. North Beach, San Francisco
  31. Yahoo!
  32. Mood fabric store
  33. The lookout in Palm Springs
  34. The oldest church in Istanbul
  35. The kitchen of a restaurant on a Greek island
  36. Julian apple pie shop
  37. Abita mystery house
  38. 24 hours of Le Mans 
  39. Falafel alley in Paris
  40. Sainte Chapelle
  41. Castro Street
  42. Casa Didley
  43. The canals in the small French village
  44. San Diego Museum of Art
  45. SDSU lithography lab
  46. Portland rose garden
  47. Cathedral in Tijuana
  48. Iguanas in Tijuana
  49. Dookey Chase
  50. Inuit museum in Vancouver
  51. Ed Roberts Campus
  52. Norte Dame des Victoires
  53. Lands End
  54. The drive through tree
  55. Toronto water treatment plant
  56. The soap plant and neighboring shops on Melrose
  57. White glove test house
  58. Lou’s records
  59. Parisian Sweet Bar
  60. Opium den inside Bucharest museum
  61. Black’s Beach
  62. The cobblestones of Bordeaux
  63. Walt Disney hall
  64. Venice beach
  65. Plaza with David sculpture – Piazza Vecchio
  66. Chenenceu
  67. Budapest grand sauna
  68. Alcala Pet Care
  69. Pikes Place
  70. Klamath Falls
  71. Porte des Vanves flea market
  72. Calatraves buildings in Valencia
  73. Art street in Detroit
  74. Wrigley Field
  75. Trinity Site
  76. Harbor town pathway
  77. Abandoned Air Force base in mount Laguna
  78. Date land
  79. The new Casbah
  80. Mont St Michel
  81. Wild animal park
  82. Nutty narrows bridge
  83. Cajon Speedway
  84. The Getty
  85. Prague cathedral
  86. Rue Mouffetard
  87. Alcatraz
  88. San Francisco ferry building
  89. Niagara falls
  90. Santa Maria novella
  91. Curly Redwood hotel
  92. Clear water, Florida
  93. MG road traffic
  94. Nikki de St Phalle fountain in Paris
  95. Gruyere village
  96. elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka
  97. Chand Baori step well
  98. The Fat Badger in Vancouver
  99. Napa’s mustard fields
  100. Old Persian restaurant in Mumbai

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